Rose Milk Tea and Tapioka

…That’s pretty much what describes my personality. I’m completely obsessed with tea and I’m pretty sure my body consists of boba tea to at least 90 percent. I’m pale, I like pink and I’m a little bit extra. And most importantly: I love gyaru fashion with all of my heart. It’s my favorite fashion style and I wear it as often as I can ♪. This blog is mainly dedicated to Gyaru, but also other alternative fashion styles, art and obviously boba tea.

The name of my blog “(p)egg” is a homage to the japanese Gyaru magazine “egg” which inspired me most! I collect fashion magazines and egg’s overall style is what got me hyped for gyaru! You should definitely check it out! ♪

If you want to know what exactly “gyaru” means, I wrote a small guide about it!
Just click the link! ♪

Now, let’s get to know each other!

My name is Peggy-Sue, but most people call me by my nickname Peg! I’m a 26 year old German potato and try to be creative in any way possible! In May 2020 I graduated university with acting as my major. My favorite snack is Guacamole and my favorite game Teamfight Tactics. I love to dance ParaPara and obviously makeup.

I’m not a “doll”.

As you can see I also wear Lolita Fashion. The word “Lolita” might cause confusion, but it has nothing to do with the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. It is a very modest and elegant Japanese fashion style vaguely inspired by rococo dresses and is the very opposite of sexiness of any kind. To describe it very roughly I could say it’s a fashion about perfectly coordinating cute dresses that are either bell or a-line shaped. So leave me alone with any kinky comments please!! It’s just clothes, thank you ♥

A big part of my life is my boyfriend Ryan! We’re a couple since 2012 and we’re unstoppable! Ryan and I share lots of hobbies and passions. One of them is our podcast “Con Crunch Club” which we launch biweekly on Spotify in German.

Overall I’m a 1,63 m tall derp filled with dumb jokes and love. I like to party (if there’s no global crisis) and to hang out in art galleries and pretty gardens. My life is very colorful!
I’d be happy to have you accompany me on my journey ♥

Welcome to my blog! ♪


So you stumbled across my blog and came to find this strange word “Gyaru” pop up everywhere. You wonder if it’s a strange new meal you never heard of, or perhaps a crazy experimental dance style. The attempt to pronounce it probably made your tongue go numb. Right?

Fear not – if you never heard about gyaru before this page will give you a rough idea of what it is!

So, what on earth does gyaru mean?

My favorite song ♥


Romihi ♥
Aimero ♥
Sakurina ♥
Manya ♥
Himena ♥

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