My Gyaru Goals 2022

Writing lists is a weird passion of mine. There’s something oddly satisfying about writing down to-dos, goals and notes in an organized way to me. I like to fantasize about all kinds of creative stuff I could achieve. Do you feel the same way? Fashion, makeup, art and cosplay spreads fill up my journal’s pages in a great manner.

In my opinion, creating lists as a hobby is a great way to stay focused on things you are passionate about. Which is why I thought it would be fun to share my gyaru goals for 2022 with you!

Before I write down new goals, I usually reflect on what I achieved from my previous ones. Since I’ve been into gyaru for so long I’ve had tons of gyaru goals in the past. The more I grew within the fashion the more different they got.

For example, it was one of my first goals to own a pair of diamond lashes. Now after more than ten years in the fashion I have tried almost all the different diamond lashes that there are (Glamorous Eye, Princess Eye and Charming Eye are my favorites). 

I used to try and aim higher and higher every year. But last year I came to the realization that bigger goals can get exhausting. And if something you’re passionate about tires you it can easily take away all your creative energy. As a result, you might not love it as much as you used to. Since I never want this to happen to me and gyaru, I will try to focus on different things this year. After thinking about several possibilities to achieve this in the most productive way, I came to the following solution.

My motto for 2022 is: Casual Gyaru.

Now, what does casual gyaru imply?

Being a casual gyaru has two flip sides of a coin. On the one hand you have to be able to wear gyaru on a weekly or even daily basis. This can drain lots of energy if done wrong. On the other hand, it is your main casual style. Your everyday clothing, something you feel comfortable in. The style comes casually and naturally to you. In conclusion, this year I want to focus on being effortlessly gyaru.

To achieve this main goal, I wrote down a total of 5 smaller goals I want to stick to.

Without further ado, here are my Gyaru Goals for 2022:

  • Build a solid wardrobe for everyday wear

    Since I love OraOra with all of my heart I mainly want to focus on this substyle for my wardrobe. Since OraOra already involves casual attire such as tracksuits it shouldn’t be too difficult. Agejo, my second favorite style, will be a lot harder to incorporate. But I will give it my very best!
  • Let my hair grow past my shoulders

    Cute hairdos will be so much easier with slightly longer hair! The possibility to braid gets me very excited, haha. I hope I will be able to stick through
  • Dance ParaPara more often again

    Since Gyaru Jubilee I felt slightly “overworked” with ParaPara. I hope that this year I can focus on this gyaru lifestyle point again and maybe even record all the routines I know. I should be able to dance about 20 by now and it would be sad to completely lose that ability.
  • Lose some weight to fit into all of my Ma*rs dresses

    This is a bit more difficult to do, but I want to get fit and healthy again so I can fit back into my old clothes. Quarantine wasn’t the best for my body and soul, and I really want to leave that behind me. Instead of buying new clothes I’d rather just fit in the ones I already own again.
  • Blog once a month

    And finally, I want to incorporate blogging more into my lifestyle. I hope that gyaru will surround me during all of 2022. There’s so much to share! It is a big wish of mine to share at least 12 entries with you all this year.

And these are my main gyaru goals for 2022! Do you have some yourself? Please let me know down in the comments!

Gals, I truly hope you’ll have a great year! Until next time!


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