GAL 109 Meme – Blogging Challenge

This past year, mostly thanks to the pandemic, almost all gyaru activities were forced to halt. 2020 felt like a grey soup compared to all the colorful and fun years I got to witness as a gyaru. So when Reila announced that she was planning an entire month of online gyaru activities my heart definitely skipped a beat!

From September 10th until October 9th the so called Gyaru 109 Month takes place. It’s a month filled with a fun gyaru program. There are workshops, panels and social media challenges. Since there is quite a boom with blogs in the community lately (which definitely involves me haha) Reila decided to add a blogging template. It’s called the GAL 109 Meme!

Of course I felt the biggest urge to fill it out myself. Let’s start! ♥ ♪


Name / Gyaru nickname and country

My name is Peggy-Sue, but my nickname is Peg! I’m from Germany.

Since when are you gyaru?

I’ve been into Gyaru fashion since 2011 and started as Gyaru-O. I started wearing Gyaru actively in 2013.

How did you discover the style?

A close friend of mine was super obsessed with Gyaru and introduced me to the fashion. She showed me pictures, videos, music and all kinds of gyaru related lifestyle things. It didn’t take long for me to get sucked into the gyaru cosmos, haha! I started crafting scrapbooks with pictures of mainly gyaru-o since I aimed to ace the style myself. Magazines were very hard to get back then so I helped myself by printing out my favorite pictures. With my scrapbooks next to me I then practiced my hairstyles and coordinates almost daily. I still create Gyaru journals and scrapbooks to this day. They’re very helpful and inspiring in my opinion.

My friend announced that she wanted to create a gyaru circle. I practiced a lot until she accepted me, haha. But the circle didn’t last very long. I got engaged into the German gyaru community afterwards. We had a cool forum with all kinds of gyaru themed boards where we would chat about gyaru daily and plan meets. The German community was pretty big back then.

What’s your current substyle? Why do you like it?

I absolutely love OraOra. It’s a style I can wear casually and on a daily basis. Since I aim to be a lifestyle gyaru this style is easiest to incorporate into my life without feeling overwhelmed. It’s comfortable while the makeup is still gorgeous. It’s the ultimate cool look for me. And I also think it reflects my personality quite well.

What are your current booms?

Agejo has infiltrated my heart. I’m obsessed with Ma*rs lately. It’s not a style I would wear daily but definitely to special occasions as often as I can. To a club or a gyaru meet for example.

Cute acrylic nails are also something I look up on Pinterest daily. Here’s some of my latest favorites:

What I also absolutely love are gyaru with straight hair. They just looks so cool.

I will also always be inspired by colorful manba and yamanba looks. One day I’ll have a wardrobe to match this style! It’s my ultimate goal. But I was never able to pull off colorful looks nicely yet. I always stick to black clothes in the end ;w;

Share 3 of your fav codes. Why do you like them so much?

I suck at taking code pictures so sorry in advance, haha. I always forget to take some. Many coordinates I loved weren’t photographed. But here are a couple I like anyways:

These coords both feature my black glavil zipper skirt. It has been one of my favorite items since many years. Speaking of which, where did I put it?? I haven’t seen it for ages…

I love the first coordinate because Rei and I twinned that day. We took pictures for GAL VIP which sadly never made it into the magazine. But I still love the outcome a lot. The second picture is me in full rokku gyaru. I really miss my short bob, it was so cool!!

The third coord I want to share is a real ma*rs outfit I wore to meet Yaya. I enjoyed that day deeply and I remember it until today. The red dress on the next picture I got gifted by my boyfriend Rei. I wore this to the pre-meet of Gyaru Jubilee. I felt very hot haha.

Share 3 things your learned during your Gyaru journey.

1. Gyaru styles come naturally. If you have to force yourself into a substyle or if it feels like a costume if you wear it, it’s probably not the right one. To me, fashion is an extension of my personality. It’s normal that some things don’t fit properly if they don’t match what I feel like inside.

2. If people stare either take it as a confidence boost or ignore them completely. They stare because you look like the main character. Just be yourself and don’t mind what other’s think about you.

3. Make sure to carry the following things in your bag when you go out: Lash glue, tissues and Q-tips for makeup emergencies. Contact lens case and fluid. Band aids in case your shoes hurt you. A small mirror. A power bank. And lastly: nail glue if you wear press-on nails.

Share 3 gaijin gals and 3 Japanese gals you look up to.

There are so many gaijin and Japanese gyaru I find inspiring it’s almost impossible to choose my top three. I had to think about this for quite a while and I made all kinds of agonized sounds, haha. I now have a list with approximately 20+ gals. But here are the ones I decided on in the end:

1. Yaya

Yaya will always be my number one. She’s a great friend, sweet and just stunningly beautiful. Her hair and makeup skills are always on point. She’s the most underrated gyaru in the community in my opinion.

2. bebeajadore

I just LOVE her makeup. All the styles and outfits she goes for are flawless. She looks amazing in cute and harder styles. Such an inspiration!!

3. kohimebashiri

Kohi is such an awesome lifestyle gyaru! Her vibe is totally inspiring and I love to see her when she appears on my feeds. I always get happy when I see her.

For the Japanese Gyaru my main inspirations are:

1. Romihi (egg 2008 – 2010)

She’s my queen. Her style was over 9000 back in the day. Sadly she changed a lot now. But seeing her in old egg always makes me sob. She’s so gorgeous

2. Aimero

She’s so cute and her hair and makeup usually match so well!! All her outfits are sooo pretty and well coordinated. I’m a huge fan.

3. Momoa

She gives me such great oraora gyaru vibes!! I love her style!

What’s your favorite Gyaru memory?

I’ve been into gyaru for so long I could never limit myself to just one. Just the memories with my former gyaru circle PLUTONIUM are worth an entire blog post. But one memory with my gals will always make me smile. Our legendary sleepover meetup back in 2015.

To describe it roughly: We spent a great day in Nuremberg, ate sushi and bought a lot of sweet alcohol afterwards to get absolutely shitfaced in Kigurumis while dancing parapara. It was awesome. Remember this is six years ago, thus our baby faces haha!

I also always loved clubbing in Frankfurt when the international meetups took place there. There were so many gyaru and gyaru-o dancing there together. The mood was always energized and happy. I love clubbing. And dancing with other gyaru and gyaru-o is just amazing.

Have you ever seen a better quality picture? Yeah, me neither lol

What would your advice to people be who want to start in the style but don’t have the courage yet?

Experiment. Do your makeup and hair often. Even if you just stay at home. Find what inspires you. Try gyaru lifestyle activities. Decorate your room for example or get your nails done. Invest in top and bottom lashes. Listen to gyaru music like hime trance. Reach out to gyaru and/or gyaru-o and talk about the style. And most importantly: Do what makes you happy. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just enjoy being gyaru!

And that’s it for the Gal 101 Meme! Whew!

I hope you enjoyed this little challenge as much as I did. Filling out questionnaires is one of my favorite things so naturally I had a lot of fun. Did you participate in the challenge as well? Leave a comment so I can read it! Until next time!



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