Rose Milk Tea and Tapioka

…That’s pretty much what describes my personality. I’m completely obsessed with tea and I’m pretty sure my body consists of boba tea to at least 90 percent. I’m pale, I like pink and I’m a bit extra. And most importantly: I love gyaru fashion with all of my heart. It’s my favorite fashion style and I wear it as often as I can ♪. This blog is mainly dedicated to Gyaru, but also other alternative fashion styles, art and obviously boba tea.

ペッグ ♥ BLOG

  • My Gyaru Goals 2022

    Writing lists is a weird passion of mine. There’s something oddly satisfying about writing down to-dos, goals and notes in an organized way to me. I like to fantasize about all kinds of creative stuff I could achieve. Do you feel the same way? Fashion, makeup, art and cosplay spreads fill up my journal’s pages…


  • GAL 109 Meme – Blogging Challenge

    This past year, mostly thanks to the pandemic, almost all gyaru activities were forced to halt. 2020 felt like a grey soup compared to all the colorful and fun years I got to witness as a gyaru. So when Reila announced that she was planning an entire month of online gyaru activities my heart definitely…


  • Why being a gyaru is worth it ♥

    Trying gyaru fashion was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. It made me grow as a person, helped me embrace my femininity and was the key to meeting some of my dearest friends. After looking back at my gyaru journey I noticed that there’s so much I can be thankful for.…



So you stumbled across my blog and came to find this strange word “Gyaru” pop up everywhere. You wonder if it’s a strange new meal you never heard of, or perhaps a crazy experimental dance style. The attempt to pronounce it probably made your tongue go numb. Right?

Fear not – if you never heard about gyaru before this page will give you a rough idea of what it is!

So, what on earth does gyaru mean?

My favorite song ♥


Romihi ♥
Aimero ♥
Sakurina ♥
Manya ♥
Himena ♥

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